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We are taking part in Eurasia Packaging Fair which is one of the most important fairs of our sector. We are looking forward to welcoming you tou stand.

About Us

Delta Metal, established in Denizli for the supply of pulleys used in cable and steel rope shipments, has introduced the Delta Packaging brand in the cylinder box by adopting new ranges of product. Delta Metal, with its expert and experienced staff, has adopted quality as a principle within the frame of a better quality and innovative product concept by investing in modern technologies all the time. The importance it attaches to research and development (R&D) and product development ( P&D) the investments that the company makes are the best indicators of how the company has a vision.

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Types of Packaging

Cardboard boxes are the boxes that spiral cardboard tubes of two different diameters are produced in a way that can intertwining. Cylinder cardboard boxes can be produced in 2 or 3 pieces. Even in the minimum number of productions, we reach you quickly with high quality and offer packaging alternatives to your products with appropriate budget.

They are cylinder cardboard boxes that are mounted with metal lids on top and bottom of cylinder boxes. It can be combined with different metal lid types upon request.

It is a kind of packaging that is fully transparent and also protects the product. Cardboards can be applied to the lower or upper or both sections of this type of boxes with transparent body, which can be prepared in any design as you wish where your company’s logo can be found. Partial visibility of your product can be achieved with windows opened in different shapes on the body parts of the cylinder cardboard boxes.